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Meet Tracy

Trading mentor, coach and full time trader.


Hey everyone! Welcome. My name is Tracy and I am a full-time stock trader and educator.  Host of the popular RLT PIVOT Podcast as well as host of The Elevated Trader Podcast. I am truly blessed to be doing the two things I love most in this world with an amazing community, trading and teaching and it's my mission to enrich the lives of others by passing on the skills I have acquired throughout my journey in life and trading. 

I primarily trade the stock market by employing day trading, swing trading as well as long term investing strategies. My specialty is focusing on the volume by time and volume by price to fine tune entries and exits. Additionally, I would consider myself a TradingView platform expert and have created a significant amount of tutorials for the platform to help new charting enthusiasts to navigate the platform. 

To learn more about how I can help, send me a message so we can book a time to discuss what your needs are. 

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